How to Make Your Projector Brighter: 5 Easy Tricks

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Projector brightness can be a big issue when you are trying to watch movies or do a presentation in a bright environment.

However, there are many easy tricks that will help make your projector brighter. Here we list 5 of them!

How to Make Your Projector Brighter

1. Clean the lens

A nice, clean lens is key to making your projector brighter. Keeping it clean will help the light pass through without being distorted or unfocused. Here’s a guide on how to clean a projector lens.

2. Clear the air intake and exhaust ports

Since the projector is cooling itself by drawing in air, it’s important to keep that airflow clear.

3. Increase the lamp level

This is the most effective way to increase your projector’s brightness. However, remember that the lamp life will decrease as you do this.

4. Tweak the built-in brightness modes

Many projectors have various brightness levels you can choose from. Try them all out to see what works best in your environment.

5. Change the projector bulb

If all else fails, you can replace the bulb with a newer one. It may be expensive but will increase your projector’s brightness dramatically.

Bonus Tip: Change the projector from eco-mode. If your projector is in eco-mode it can sometimes reduce the brightness to save energy. You can change this in the settings menu.

How to Externally Optimise Your Projector’s Brightness Output?

Make the room darker

If you are trying to increase the brightness of your projector in a bright environment, then it’s actually going to be more difficult.

Turn off any lights that could interfere with the image

Making sure all lighting is turned off will help tremendously when projecting bright images.

Change to a white projector screen

If you are projecting onto a dark screen, this will reduce the contrast and clarity of your image, so it will not look as good.

Try using a white projector screen instead to see the difference this makes, as it reflects all the light emitted.

Use a high-gain projector screen

Using a high-gain projector screen is also very effective in making your images look their best. It can be more expensive but well worth it for the quality and brightness of your image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my projector not bright enough?

If your projector isn’t bright enough, there can be a number of reasons for this. The main ones are listed above but if you cannot fix the problem yourself then it’s best to get in touch with an expert as they may need to replace parts or give advice specific to your model and make.

Can you increase the lumens in a projector?

Yes, there are a number of different ways to increase the lumens output in your projector. Some examples are listed above.

Can a screen make a projector brighter??

A screen can make a projector brighter but it depends on the type of screen you use. A white, high-gain projector will ensure that your images are fully optimized for brightness and clarity.

How much does increasing lamp brightness increase lifespan?

Every time you change the level of brightness in your projector, this is called switching the lamp level. You can change the brightness in many projectors and this will reduce their lifespan.

It’s important to note that every projector is different so you need to read up on how much it shortens your bulb life for specific models before changing anything yourself.

How do I increase lumens output?

There are a number of ways to increase the lumens output of your projector. They are listed above and can be done individually or combined to see a vast improvement in brightness.

Do I need a white screen for my projector?

A high-gain white, projection screen is highly recommended as it reflects all the light emitted by the projector back onto itself rather than absorbing some of the light. This ensures that your images are their most vivid and bright.

What does brightness do?

Brightness affects how clear your image is, whether you are projecting onto a white or black screen.

It’s important to find one with high enough gain to ensure you get the best possible clarity on it what you intend to project.


Making your projector brighter can be achieved in a number of ways, but if you are trying to do this with limited knowledge then it’s best to contact an expert.

The methods listed above will ensure that you have the brightest possible images when projecting onto any surface.

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