How to Connect Epson Projector to Laptop via Wireless

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If you want to connect your laptop with an Epson projector wirelessly, this blog post is for you. 

It will walk you through the process step-by-step so that it’s easy and convenient. 

You’ll be able to project anything on any screen or whiteboard in just minutes!

How to connect an Epson projector to the laptop via wireless?

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to connect Epson projector to laptop via wireless:

  1. Connect the wireless LAN router to an Epson projector via network cable.
  2. Go to the Wifi list on your laptop and select your projector’s name.
  3. When setting up your projector, download the Easy MP software.
  4. Select the input source on your laptop for projecting wirelessly with an Epson projector.
  5. Project! It’s that easy to connect Epson projectors via wireless!

Common issues and their solutions:

When you are projecting wirelessly, the video driver may need to be updated. Try updating the router firmware if your laptop is running on Windows Vista or XP operating system and you experience a blue screen error while connecting through a wireless connection.

Why is my laptop not connecting to the projector?

If you have trouble connecting your laptop to an Epson projector, check the router to see if it is working correctly.

Make sure that both devices have their separate IP address. The wireless router should not share the same default gateway as your computer or vice versa.

How do I display my laptop screen on a projector?

If you want to project your laptop screen on an Epson projector, connect the two devices.  Then go to the control panel and choose the “screen resolution” option. Click on “advanced settings.” Choose one of the available display modes that match your current mode for the best results.

How do I get my laptop to recognize my Epson projector?

When you add an Epson projector to your wireless network, make sure both devices use the same IP address. 

For instance, if the computer’s IP is and the projector’s IP is 192.168 .0 .101, it will not work correctly because of two different numbers in each device’s address. The IP address should be the same for both devices.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes only minutes to set up a wireless connection between your laptop and Epson projector.

What do I need?

To connect via wireless, all you need is an internet connection – both devices must connect to it – as well as the EasyMP software that comes with the projector. 

What if my laptop doesn’t have wireless capabilities?

No problem! Connect the two devices with an Ethernet cable. It is just as easy.

How do I set up a projector in a conference room?

Setting up your Epson projector in conference rooms couldn’t be easier. Connect it to your internet source and follow the step-by-step process outlined above. You’ll be projecting wirelessly in no time!


So, now you know how to connect Epson projectors wirelessly. You can share any content on your laptop or PC with all the people gathered around a projector screen in just minutes!

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