How to Connect Epson Projector to WiFi

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Connecting your projector to WiFi is a great way to extend the range of where you can project content.

This blog post will show how to connect an Epson projector to WiFi so that you can project from anywhere in your home.

Step by Step Guide on How To Connect Epson Projector to WiFi

1. Install Wireless LAN Module:

connect epson projector to wifi with a wireless lan module

Some projectors have built-in wireless connectivity, but you will need to install a wireless LAN module if you have a projector without it.

A wireless LAN module is a high-speed network device that plugs into your projector and provides WiFi capabilities.

If you need to install a module, please refer to your projector’s manual for installation instructions.

2. Install the Epson iProjection Software:

Once you install the wireless LAN module, you will need to install the Epson iProjection software. You can find the projection software here.

To install this software, you will need to open the software and run through any initial configuration steps that pop up. After you have completed this, you will install the software.

Now that you set up your computer for wireless projection, you need to select the network settings on your projector.

3. Select the Network Settings on Your Projector:

To connect your projector to WiFi, you will need to open the Network Settings on your projector.

This is where you can select which wireless network you want to use and enter any passwords needed for that network.

Once selected, the projection should be available over WiFi from anywhere in your home.

To Connect Directly to a Computer (Quick Connection Mode)

After installing the LAN module and the iProjector software, you will need to select the network settings on your projector.

To do this, first, you have to turn on your projector and open the menu.

Then you will go to the Network menu under the settings. Make sure you set the Wireless Mode to Wireless LAN On.

Then, you have to select the Network Configuration. After that, choose Connection Mode and click on the Quick option. Now your projector is connected to your computer.

If you want to set a password for your connection, go to the Security option and set the setting to WPA2-PSK. Then you need to select Passphrase and enter a passcode of at least eight characters. After this, click on Finish, and you should be all set.

To Connect to a Router or Acces Point (Advanced Connection Mode)

If you have a router or an access point to connect your projector and prefer this connection, you need to select the Advanced option.

After this, click on the Select Access Point button and enter the network name of your wireless connection (SSID). Then input its password in Security Settings if it has one.

If your router or access point does not have a password, you can leave the Security Settings as is and click on Next. After this, select Finish and press Enter to save changes.


So, now you should be able to project over WiFi from anywhere in your home.

To make sure projection is available at all times, we recommend keeping the projector plugged into a power strip and turning off this power strip when not in use.

This will keep it powered on for quick access later without having to go through any setup steps.

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